Viral Marketing: How to Send the Message Effectively

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By Jet Encila


VIRAL marketing is one of the most commonly used strategies today that makes use of the power of social media. Its main purpose:  to enhance brand reputation and/or awareness and to attain other marketing goals.

This type of technique can be applied through so-called word of mouth or delivered through other mediums like emails, interactive flash games, blogs, videos, ebooks, text and photos.

The main objective of online entrepreneurs who turn to viral marketing as a way to promote their product or services is to convey a message that will attract people who in turn will spread the word about the services and products being “sold” thereby increasing awareness which is crucial to brand recall.

New Breakthrough

Viral marketing is simply a new breakthrough in today’s highly-evolving marketing landscape that encourages individuals on the Internet to share with others a potentially lucrative message.

There are three fundamental requirements in order to make the whole system work: the one who delivers the message, how the message is being delivered, and the type of environment or audience to which the message is being sent upon.

To make the message more effective and in this case “viral”, three kinds of messengers are needed: market experts, the networkers, and the salesmen.

Being in the Loop

Market experts, as their titles go, are people who are always updated with the latest buzz. They know what’s going around on the virtual stratosphere and they are the first to share the news, especially to their own team of online marketers.

Networkers are individuals with a big number of social connections. They are like middlemen that negotiate between various types of marketing groups. They act as bridge from one person to another.

Salesmen are individuals that receive the message from the market experts, review it and then share it to the networkers who then forward it to other networks or group of people.

It must be noted that even a slight change in the environment great affect the results, and people can be very sensitive to how the entire marketing campaign is promoted.

The context, timing and the message of the campaign must be carried out properly and wisely.

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