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Hollysys Automation Technologies, Ltd. was trading at $ 24.95 up 12.90 percent on 3,360,198 total shares traded

Loma Negra Compania Industrial Argentina Sociedad Anonima was trading at $ 14.93 up 5.51 percent on 3,778,895 total shares traded

Turtle Beach Corporation was trading at $ 17.82 up 17.62 percent on 12,001,982 total shares traded

Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. was trading at $ 11.09 up 21.07 percent on 5,520,424 total shares traded

Microsemi Corporation was trading at $ 68.55 up 1.24 percent on 19,362,323 total shares traded

Altair Engineering Inc. was trading at $ 33.55 up 7.29 percent on 1,378,129 total shares traded

Telecom Argentina Stet – France Telecom S.A. was trading at $ 23.57 up 6.89 percent on 1,054,189 total shares traded

Symantec Corporation was trading at $ 22.33 up 4.35 percent on 36,321,599 total shares traded

Grupo Financiero Galicia S.A. was trading at $ 45.31 up 1.55 percent on 2,181,869 total shares traded

The Trade Desk, Inc. was trading at $ 80.22 up 7.07 percent on 4,577,661 total shares traded

China Lodging Group, Limited was trading at $ 169.50 up 9.74 percent on 2,203,080 total shares traded

Geopark Ltd was trading at $ 15.30 up 7.59 percent on 762,481 total shares traded

Ternium S.A. was trading at $ 40.44 up 1.86 percent on 1,250,698 total shares traded

OptiNose, Inc. was trading at $ 25.74 up 2.96 percent on 282,753 total shares traded

Pampa Energia S.A. was trading at $ 53.63 up 2.15 percent on 982,619 total shares traded

Ligand Pharmaceuticals Incorporated was trading at $ 185.37 up 2.26 percent on 929,384 total shares traded

Virtu Financial, Inc. was trading at $ 30.65 up 2.85 percent on 2,937,090 total shares traded

PolarityTE, Inc. was trading at $ 28.47 up 5.44 percent on 724,510 total shares traded

XO Group, Inc. was trading at $ 29.61 up 2.53 percent on 391,022 total shares traded

Grupo Supervielle S.A. was trading at $ 19.80 up 2.70 percent on 1,355,987 total shares traded

Omeros Corporation was trading at $ 24.44 up 7.81 percent on 3,489,680 total shares traded

Macro Bank Inc. was trading at $ 75.20 up 4 percent on 665,553 total shares traded

Evolus, Inc. was trading at $ 14.65 up 6.78 percent on 415,008 total shares traded

Twilio Inc. was trading at $ 53.13 up 1.16 percent on 5,109,409 total shares traded

Central Puerto S.A. was trading at $ 13.93 up 5.37 percent on 606,744 total shares traded

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CHRISTIAN has worked with the New York Stock Exchange and the International Bank of Shanghai as a financial analyst and Certified Public Accountant before he opened up his own money lending firm in the summer last year. A graduate of Computer Engineering at the Arizona State University, Christian is a young and ambitious individual who possesses a keen eye for detail. Before his stint at the NYSE, he sidelined as editor and writer at various online firms. In his spare time, he speaks at seminars and different consultancy firms, sharing his own knowledge on computer engineering and insights on money matters and business management. He is still single and yet very determined to expand his money lending business in China.

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