QUESTION: Is Digital Currency A Disadvantage to the PC Gaming Sector?

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Bitcoin and PC Games: Is Digital Currency A Disadvantage to Video Gamers?

As digital money continues to attract a huge fan base and earn the nod of the masses outside of the domains of the internet, some unexpected effects may likely occur.

For supporters of this Internet-based currency, the biggest digital tender in terms of market capitalization, more patrons of the currency equates to a deeper and more saleable business landscape.

This means holders of the virtual currency can spend their money without needing to convert it to fiat money more and more easily in the long haul.

On top of Bitcoin’s growing popularity comes an equally growing number of so-called miners looking to gain on the rising demand.

Feeling the pinch

On the other side of the spectrum, some pre-existing online organizations are getting aware of the worrying situation caused by these transitions, and among these is a group that may have seemed unrelated: video gamers.

What’s the connection between the soaring demand for bitcoin and the video gaming industry? Why would these computer game addicts be worried about its rise?

According to computer game experts, it all boils down to the fundamentals: The cost of computer spare parts are not getting any cheaper and this affects their buying power.

In other words, to be able to carry out their operation, they all need to have the best equipment, both digital or whathaveyou. Bitcoin mining, by the way, is a complicated process that enables virtual “miners” to “dig up” (generate) bitcoins from a vast network of computers online.

Complex process

The result is both highly-skilled and newbie miners alike have established a large array of so-called rigs around the globe, each figuring out how to weave through the complex matrix of numbers just to get these precious bitcoins.

A deepening love affair with bitcoin mining has been taking place in the market with requests to buy faster and more expensive graphics cards. A big chunk of computer vendors are out of stock, and prices of these video cards are soaring as well.

Computer gamers use the same video cards but for a totally different use. Many are feeling the pinch of rising tag prices of these expensive spare parts in order to deal with the competition.

Rising cost and demand

However, there is a solution to this dilemma. ASUS, a big name in the video cards business, recently disclosed plans to roll out a new lineup of hardware that will be bitcoin-compatible.

This could pave the way to a new category of video graphics with different specialties that can cater to both gamers and miners.

Therefore, as long as there is interest in bitcoin, it is unlikely that the pressure will ease. However in this particular scenario, computer gamers probably will discover that their video hardware will not cost them a fortune anymore.

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