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Blue Trading platform is a cryptocurrency exchange platform professionally managed by certified, award-winning traders. The trading platform, which is currently in the process of relaunching its website, was formed by Richard Anderson in 2012. Blue Trading intends to provide investors, both individual and institutional, a secure, trustless, decentralized exchange platform where they can trade both fiat and cryptocurrencies in a safe and transparent manner. Since 2016, the platform has been offering full-service retail accounts to the investors.


The Uniqueness

Blue Trading platform was created as there was no other fund offering FX/Currency, Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies, and Commodity trading at that time. Blue Trading serves as a one-stop-shop, to serve all these trading needs.

Blue Trading platform utilizes four separate trading systems, tested through all market conditions for consistent profitability. The traders on the platform, use the latest trading instruments and exploit high-performing trading strategies to gain handsome returns. By investing in secure, professional trading instruments that ensure high returns, Blue Trading Platform has indeed gained popularity as a provider of the best risk-to-reward ratios to investors belonging to all retail trading funds.

Accessibility & Fund Safety

The platform is accessible 24/7 from any internet connected device; smartphone, tablet, or Desktop. Blue Trading takes into account a strong fund safety and other regulations prevailing in the financial trading industry. The decentralized nature of foreign exchange and cryptomarkets require providers like Blue Trading to cater to the trust requirements of their clients effectively. At Blue Trading, clients’ funds are deposited directly and safely to platform’s Liquidity Brokerage system. The trading team cannot access the clients’ traded funds as it is only authorized to access Master Trading Console system or (PAMM) Account, through which it executes trades for thousands of accounts at a time. While doing so, all accounts remain segregated from one another.

Low Trading Fees

Unlike other similar platforms, there is no management fee to be paid by investors for trading on Blue Trading. The platform charges a flat, transparent 18% fee on annual net profits gained by an account. The cost is lowered to 14% for VIP account holders. Users can upgrade their account any time to VIP status. Moreover, investors concerned about their tax liabilities should sort it themselves as Blue Trading is not involved in individually catering to its clients based on their domestic tax regulations and requirements.

The company is in the process of relaunching the website, and few new features are expected to be implemented during that time. The platform will be available at





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