70Trades Offers Free Demo Accounts to Improve Trading Skills

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The world of online trade doesn’t work in accordance with any set rules, and the safest bet is to gauge in the market situation and place the safest trade accordingly. This knowledge of how to narrow down the factors while placing a trade only comes with experience and 70Trades lets you earn just that via its demo practice accounts.

The online trading firm, which got into the trading scenario with the aim of simplifying trading for novices, aims to prepare traders for the real game. Its free demo accounts therefore acts as anchors to those who want to practice practice their trading skills. Online trading can be risky, and when one is new to trading, losing money is inevitable.

70Trades, probably one of the best reviewed trading platforms (read 70Trades review), minimises this risk and helps novices in learning about the market and trading; without the threat of losing real money. It offers one a chance to practice various trade strategies and get a feel of how the market actually works.

The global brokerage firm even takes its name from the core 70Trades theory, which illustrates that how it takes a trader an average maximum of 70 trades to clock in his/her first profit. 70Trades enables the novice trader in his/her journey to become a professional by familiarizing him/her with the market operations and facilitating this further with market analysis, live data, economic calendar etc. Moreover, it is the only brokerage platform that assists a trader by helping him/her balance his/her psychology during a profit/loss trade.

70Trades recipe also places importance on the habit of money management and stop loss placement. Stop loss placement is important to avoid any volatile outcomes by closing open positions early, whereas, money management is a necessary step in order to manage your capital efficiently and to spread risk among positions.

The wide array of trading assets offered by 70Trades does help the traders in minimizing the risk by spreading it and also in diversifying their portfolio.


Operating mainly on the concept of free-floating currencies, Forex is the largest market in the world.  Depending on the respective government and central bank’s policies, the values of currencies keep fluctuating. The fluctuations in the values are what make the Forex trading possible.

At 70Trades one can trade in myriad currency pairs as in accordance with the demand.


Traceable goods like gold, silver are considered commodities. 70Trades enables traders to speculate on the market value of commodities.


70Trades is updated with the listing of stocks of leading companies like Apple, Walt Disney, Google, Facebook and many others. Traders can easily speculate on the fluctuations of stocks at 70Trades.


The value of publicly traded companies like CAC40, S&P 500, DOW JONES, FTSE 100 is represented by Indices and 70Trades has them all in the portfolio.

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