Google Vs Microsoft: Financial Secrets to be Revealed in Google (GOOG) vs. Microsoft (MSFT) Court War

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THE Motorola Mobility unit of Google Inc (NASDAQ: GOOG) and Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ: MSFT) are on collision course on Tuesday in a court battle with key implications for the smart-phone patent dispute which could unearth financial details the two tech giants normally protect.

Proceedings in a federal court in Seattle will gauge how much royalty the Windows 8 maker must pay its competitor for a license to a considerable number of patents exclusive to Motorola.

The world’s leading online search company acquired Motorola for $12.6 billion, partly for the company’s arsenal of communications patents.

If James Robert, US district judge, decides that Google must be paid only a small amount of royalty, the firm’s Motorola patents could be a frail bargaining leverage for Google to arrange a licensing contract with competitors.

Microsoft and Apple have been embroiled in court litigations around the globe versus Google and other companies like Samsung Electronics, whose hand-held gadgets are powered by the Android software.


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