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About FX Pro

Fx Pro is one of the best known forex brokers worldwide with its base found in Cyprus. It has sponsored a lot of major sports events already including Football, Golf, Formula 1, and World Rally. Fx Pro has offered quality brokerage services and that includes Equities, Indices and CFDs, Spot Forex, Metals and Futures. Fx Pro has gained too much popularity because of social media. It has spent a large amount of money for advertisements both online and offline. However in reality, Fx Pro offers services that are more or less similar with those offered by other forex brokers. If you check it on markets247.com, you can find that all the forex brokers listed there have the same services offered by Fx Pro. Because of heavy advertisements, Fx Pro has gained trust from big clients coming from different nationalities. These clients include nationalities such as German, Japanese, Korean, American, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, and even French. This has made Fx Pro a lot more successful than other forex brokers.

As of present time, Fx Pro’s website (FxPro.com) has been considered as a high quality and top of the line forex website compared with other websites of different brokers. This is true because of the fact that Fx Pro has offered extensive features for its clients and this includes educational courses related to forex and in-depth presentations of offerings and education. Because of its drive to satisfy the needs of its clients, Fx Pro has already revised, altered, and enhanced its website a lot of times. Although the functionality and usability of the website has increased, Fx Pro wasn’t able to foresee that the website would be too twitchy and too slow. With that, a lot of very busy clients get annoyed with such system Fx Pro has. Even with the annoyance they get from the website, traders do not stop patronizing Fx Pro because of its offers to traders. Fx Pro actually gives its traders to master trading by means of an Fx Pro demo account. In that way, they will get too see how things go in the forex market using an Fx Pro account. Although customizations in the demo account is possible, not all features can be customized, but at least, traders get to have a feel as to how things are in Fx Pro.

There are actually seven different platforms offered by Fx Pro. And these platforms can be accessed and even used for trading with the use of a single account. The platforms offered by Fx Pro comes in different forms and are made fit for PC users, Mac users, and even mobile users. The mobiles supported by Fx Pro include iPhone, Blackberry, smart phones, and PDAs. With this capability, traders are able to push through with their transactions anytime they want without a hassle.

The following are the companies the licensed and accredited Fx Pro as a forex broker:

  • MiFID – it’s a European Union which stands for Markets in Financial Instruments Directive
  • CySe – which means Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission
  • FSA – a UK based Financial Services Authority

Fx Pro Webtrader


Fx Pro Webtrader is a service offered by Fx Pro to its clients that also offer trading only that only one language is accessible, and that is English. Although Fx Pro Webtrader is not downloadable, this makes the transactions of Fx Pro traders easier because they are able to access their accounts wherever they are. They just have to visit the account through the web and log in with their personal information. Fx Pro traders then do not need to always bring their own laptops just to access their accounts. They can use different computers without having to worry about security issues.

Fx Pro Metatrader


Fx Pro Metatrader can be accessed under the Fx Pro client terminal. This service allows Fx Pro traders to access the forex market with the use of an MT4 MetaTrader terminal. In order for Fx Pro traders to access it, they have to get a license from Metaquotes. Although Fx Pro Metatrader is just like the MT4 platform, it is still used by Fx Pro just for marketing reasons. However, Fx Pro Metatrader is still used by a large number of online forex brokers, regardless of whether they are just beginners or they are already experienced in the fiels of trading, because of the extensive services offered by such platform. Also, Fx Pro offers a lot of languages, and as a result, more international clients go for Fx Pro because it offers languages that can be understood by the clients.

Fx Pro Demo Accounts


What’s so good about Fx Pro Demo Accounts is that they are identical with real money accounts. Also, the accounts are provided with a $100,000 virtual balance that is of course non maturing. This kind of service allows Fx Pro beginners to practice, understand, and experiment different kinds of trading in the forex market. With that, Fx Pro traders, especially the beginners, will fully understand everything before they go to a real money account. Fx Pro demo accounts are offered by means of the Fx Pro Metatrader, and again, they are no way different from real money Fx Pro accounts.

Fx Pro Real Accounts


Fx Pro real accounts offer a wide range of different brokerage services such as Spot Forex, different CFDs, futures, andequity indices. For Fx Pro real accounts, traders have to make an initial deposit of 500USD in order for them to proceed with different transactions. In here, the balance is not anymore virtual, but it is for real.

Fx Pro Dealing Desk


As imposed by EU laws and regulations, Fx Pro has employed a trustworthy and fully functional dealing desk in order to monitor and quote the prices after being compared with other markets. Also, the Fx Pro dealing desk also monitors the spreads, and it also offers a satisfying customer service to customers who need help.

Fx Pro Spreads


For the EUR/GBP currency pair, Fx Pro spreads start from as low as 0.5 pips, but for EUR/USD and GBP/USD currency pairs, the pips required moves up to 0.8.

Fx Pro Funds


In order to make deposits and withdrawals, Fx Pro accepts different major methods such as credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, wire transfers, Moneybrookers, and Neteller. Fo wire transfers, it takes about 3-5 business days for the process to finish, but it only takes an hour for other methods to finish.

In general, Fx Pro is just an ordinary forex broker with the same services also offered by other forex brokers. The only difference this broker has is the fact that it has already built a name, a name trusted by big time clienteles coming from different countries. With that, Fx Pro is highly recommended to all traders, beginners and experienced.

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