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Forex Yard is already a well-established forex broker offering forex retail services. Forex Yard has already been known to many traders because of its 24 hour trading service that involves all major currencies. In addition to that, Forex Yard also deals with different commodities such as oils and precious metals. These commodities are made available for trading through the web or even through their downloadable platform. Forex Yard trading platform is designed with improved features, top of the line customer service, and flexible trading. Beginners think that websites and platforms are difficult to use, but with Forex Yard, those two things become very understandable and user-friendly. Also, before issuing an account, it has to be well studied and thought first. This makes forex trading very possible even for newbies. Furthermore, Forex Yard also offers real time opportunities to other traders by providing both real money accounts and demo accounts. These two accounts can be funded by using a lot of methods like credit cards, wire transfers, Western Union, and even Money Gram. Great services do not end there as Forex Yard also provides its traders the opportunity to improve and understand different trading skills by employing a forex course that is for free. Moreover, Forex Yard enhances the knowledge of traders, especially the beginners, by allowing them to have access and read through a lot of comprehensive tutorials. In this manner, the traders will have a better understanding on the various topics and concepts that they should know regarding forex. As a result, Forex Yard traders are able to make use of the different forex trading instruments, thus their trading skills will also improve. With that traders in Forex Yard can be very efficient in the trading business.

Actually with Forex Yard, real money accounts begin as mini accounts. And from Forex Yard mini accounts, it can grow to as much as thousands and even millions of dollars, euros, or whatever the currency is. With Forex Yard, mini accounts just require a very low initial deposit amounting to $100 only. However for mini accounts, commodity trading is very limited. For standard accounts on the other hand, those locked services are made available. In addition to that, mini accounts charge a withdrawal fee of $25 unlike the standard accounts wherein withdrawal is for free. Since Forex Yard is very strict in terms of  forex scalping by traders, it employs a time limit of 3 days for every withdrawal. In general, the platform utilized by Forex Yard is very easy to use in that traders do not need to worry about a lot of confusions. Additionally, Forex Yard allows its traders to customize the different features in order for the users to have a better control of the platform. As such, they will be able to understand fully all the things that are going on in the trading world, and they can also keep track of all the trends in the market. However, a lot of traders think of it as a miss because Forex Yard does not provide feeds for Metatraders. Customer Service wise, Forex Yard is considered above average especially with its live chat capability and customer service e-mail support. Lastly, it has also been noted that Forex Yard is not regulated and as such, no information has been cited with regard to the banking institutions that guarantee their accounts. But generally, Forex Yard can be considered as an option in choosing a forex broker.

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