Creditbit Witnesses Unprecedented Price Hike; Hits $1 Mark

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Creditbit is consistently raking in good news for quite some while now. The development team behind the crypto is diligent in its efforts to revolutionize the crypto space, and it is the result of this diligence that Creditbit is scaling new heights almost every day now!

Creditbt, an open source software project released under the MIT/X11 license, is currently busy with its first round of migration which is slated to close on April 8, 2017. The migration is an important aspect in the development of the crypto under Credit 2.0, and it is amidst this steady development that the news about Creditbit reaching unprecedented price heights has led to certain euphoria in the Creditbit community.

It was an absolutely amazing weekend for Creditbit as it reached the $1 mark on two exchanges – Livecoin and Novaexchange. The crypto is making all the right noise in the crypto world and has achievements to back it up. The trade volume of the crypto is also at an all- time high with 318,955 USD and the market cap has risen up to 12, 146,843 USD, at the time of writing.

Not long ago, the crypto had seen a spike in its prices in the world market due to an increasing number of Chinese adopters. A Chinese trader had bought all the CRB coins on sale order book on, causing the crypto’s prices to skyrocket.

The crypto’s Chinese debut has only strengthened the crypto’s footing in the crypto world and the launch of the translated version of the Creditbit whitepaper has further helped the Chinese traders to understand Creditbit better and induct them into the Creditbit community.

The much anticipated CreditGAME and CreditDAO are also leading to fair amount hype amongst the crypto enthusiasts and attracting more adopters.

It is Creditbit’s preoccupation with continuous development and innovation while keeping the focus of the development on the community that has helped the crypto to truly flourish. Creditbit has grown by leaps and bounds in the short span of its existence and may very well be one of the top altcoin in the near future.

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