OptionRally Review

OptionRally is a binary broker that offers a massive amount of financial vehicles to trade. The brokerage offers the ability to trade via the LiveTrader Web platform, the iOS version, android version, and the tablet application. With this, the trader is able to take advantage of movements in the markets at any moment, from essentially anywhere. On top of that, you can enter the marketplace and open your account with just $250. This gives the average person the ability to take advantage of the world’s markets, and with just a small amount of trading capital to start.

Access to the world’s financial markets

Traders have the ability to get involved in Forex, indices, and commodities through OptionRally. Because of this, you can take advantage of the various correlations around the marketplace, and as a result you can perhaps buying gold as the Australian dollar is rising or vice versa. If you recognize that there is a correlation between the Euro and the S&P 500 recently, you can take advantage of that as well.

For those of you who worry about correlated assets, you can also do what is known as “pairs trading”, taking advantage of hedging by a going long markets and are completely opposed, thereby taking advantage of minimal fluctuations without as much of the normal downside risk that you can see.


As mentioned above, there are four flavors of the platform. The LiveTrader platform is very robust, and gives you the ability to trade in the various marketplaces with ease, and clarity. The technology and is robust, and security is paramount and in the forefront of the developers minds. The platform also allows you to simply clicking either “call” or “put.” Also, there is the payout percentage clearly displayed, as well as the potential payout. With that, the markets are very easily navigated and as a result this makes trading very simple.

Account types

OptionRally offers four different account types: Mini Trading, Standard Trading, Executive Trading, and VIP Club. The various accounts obviously offer different benefits, but suffice to say that the higher level counts offer more. There is a welcome bonus on your initial deposit that is equal to 15% of its value for the Mini account, the Standard account offers 25%, and some of the higher accounts even offer more in the ability to get trading tips, as well as access to market analysts. With that being said, make sure to check this part of the website in order to see what bonuses that they are offering at any given moment.

Min Deposit: $250
Min Transaction Size: varies by contract
Max Profitability: 75%
Out of Money Refund: No
Other Options: Pairs, Long-Term, Short-Term, One Touch, and Ladder
Accept US Clients: No
Mobile Trading: Yes